Verizon’s new prepaid plans reward long-time customers

The Big Red has just revealed new prepaid plans meant to allure more customers. The new prepaid plans come with various perks and rewards for those who keep their prepaid plan for a longer time. The highlight of the new prepaid plans is that they decrease over time, which means older customers will pay less than new ones.
First off, new and existing customers who sign up for the new prepaid plans will save up to $15 per month with Auto Pay. On top of that, all Verizon Prepaid plans announced today will feature discounts that lower monthly costs $5 after three months, and $10 after nine months.

An additional $5 off is offered to everyone who signs up for Auto Pay, bringing the total discount to $15 per month. Currently, Verizon offers three prepaid plans and all include Unlimited Talk & Text within the US, Unlimited Text to more than 200 international destinations, as well as all the perks mentioned above.

The most expensive Verizon Prepaid plan starts at $65 per month and can go as cheap as $50 after nine months. With the $15 discount added, the other two Verizon Prepaid plans will drop to just $25 and $35 per month after nine months.

Keep in mind that while the $65 plan includes unlimited 4G LTE data, the other two plans only offer 5GB and 15GB, respectively. All new Verizon Prepaid plans are available starting this week, so check out the carrier’s prepaid page for more details.

Source PhoneArena – News