Tower of Time is shifting to console

ARPG fans, like celebrants of any other genre, are pretty fanatical about what they love. I can comfortably make this statement as I count amongst your ranks. We’ll never stop looking for the next thing to give us a thrill. Console-owning fans of the genre will be pleased to note a new title is soon to hit your Switch, XB1, and PS4 devices. It’s called Tower of Time and we’ve got a bit of info for those of you who are wanting to know a touch more.

Tower of Time, which has already been rather well-received on Steam, is an Action-RPG from the folks over at Event Horizon. It’s going to be available for PS4 owners come June 23rd and 24th (NA followed by EU), then the 25th and 26th for Switch and XB1 owners, respectively.

You should get plenty in return for your time. Tower of Time invites you to immerse yourself in a 50+ hour adventure featuring gorgeous hand-crafted environments and bags of story-rich dungeon crawling. This title is also said to have flexible character development and the mechanic that really makes the game stand out: its unique arrow-time combat system. Arrow-time allows you to slow or pause time. This should allow for a new level of tactical depth when it comes to combat.

You will lead a party of heroes into the titular Tower of Time: a vertical battleground filled with lore, mystery, and of course, combat. This isn’t just your standard hack and slash dungeon crawler. In Tower of Time, every battle is a tactical puzzle. By manipulating time you will be able to strategically position your heroes, control the battlefield with precise spells, and counter incoming waves with devastating maneuvers.

Tower of Time isn’t just a long game. The 50 odd hours I mentioned earlier will be crammed full of fun. You’ll be facing off against 150 different enemies and a fairly huge pool of 50 bosses. There are definitely plenty of enemies standing in your way if you are to succeed. Those of you that really like a challenge are being presented with five difficulty levels to play through, so don’t expect to get off lightly if you’re looking for a hard time.

Your foes may be powerful and in great numbers but you will have your own arsenal with which to defeat them. You will be able to choose between seven unique classes and level them up with a complex skill system. In addition to this, Tower of Time offers rich equipment and alignment systems to add variety and depth to your game. Crafting and enchanting are also present, just to add another level of customization to your already individual build.

It has to be said this all sounds rather good. If you’re looking for a new ARPG that’s offering something a bit different, Tower of Time might not be a bad call. Time mechanics in videogames are always a bit hit and miss. When they’re done well, though, you have a lot of fun coming your way. As this has already been loved by PC owners, you can pretty much bet you’re going to be in for a treat come the end of the month.

All images supplied by Game Press