Topspin Pro Review – Learn to hit perfect Topspin

Topspin Pro Review 

As a beginning player who has mastered the basic shot technique topspin may be next on the agenda. Visit any tennis club or courts and you are sure to hear the words topspin bandied around. Whether its one friend teasing another about the great topspin forehand they hit or a coach yelling at his students to hit with more topspin. Topspin is key in tennis and makes up around 90% of shots.

There are tennis rackets that supposedly give you topspin, tennis strings that provide awesome spin and ofcourse online courses designed to help you get topspin. Topspin is big business in the tennis world. With topspin players can hit the ball harder without it going out, enjoy longer rallies and of course get fitter by longer rallies.

Federer demonstrating topspin.

How to learn topspin?

The trouble is to do topspin players need to relearn what they have worked so hard to learn in the first place. Generally performance level diminishes in this period of readjustment as the player struggles to get used to the topspin action. Tennis pros will tell you that many players ditch topspin before they have even had a chance to embed it in their game. It is a hard sell to many players who have difficulty with the topspin action. The way I like to liken it as this.

Very few of us are ever going to make it to the paid ranks of the professional game but to maximize ones own potential at the game topspin is necessary. Think about the lift that only goes to the 6th floor and you want to go to top floor. Topspin can help you maximize your game, it will be extremely hard to maximise your potential in tennis without developing topspin. Now we need not put 3000 RPM on the ball like Nadal but some topspin will help everyone’s game.

Topspin Pro

This tennis teaching aid has sold thousands of units worldwide. It is designed with one thing in mind to enable users to develop the action of topspin. It is portable, easily used and well built. The Topspin Pro also comes with a warranty too so confident are they of the build quality. You can buy from the Topspin Pro website or from Amazon. It is available worldwide. Let’s take a look at what you will get in the box.


The Topspin Pro comes in a fairly big box and is approx 8 kgs when fully packaged up. I am a typical man in that I will try and assemble something first before looking at the Topspin Pro instructions. Once you open the box you will see there are two parts to the Topspin Pro; the tripod legs and the topspin head unit itself.

The tripod pegs are strong and sturdy and easily put together. They are attached by an elasticated cord and slip together without much fanfare. The head unit is attached from here. Careful to make sure you chose the sides with holes in it as you can adjust the height accordingly.  Assembly is simple if you can master these steps. As a whole process from unboxing until being ready to go takes no longer than 5 minutes.


The beauty about the Topspin Pro is it can really be practised anywhere. Find a flat surface at home and you can work on your topspin no sweat. The Topspin Pro works by forcing the user to brush up on the back of the tennis ball, this provides top spin. You can see how much topspin you generate by how much the ball attached to the device spins. The idea is that you are forced to brush up on the ball without hitting the device itself. The device is set at an angle of 75 degrees and forces the player to have that racket face angle throughout their shot. When you turn the lock nut the bolt squeezes the drum and this additional frictions reduces the ball arm rebound and thus how much the unit might ‘jump’ around.  This feature enables you to enjoy shot after shot with the Topspin Pro without having to adjust yourself or the unit.

I lent my Topspin Pro device to two intermediate players looking to add topspin to their games. Both players hit relatively flat and were open to trying something new to finally get topspin.


Having tried hard for years to add topspin to her game Tina always found that in attempting to do so that she would put too much topspin on her balls and forget about the power and actually getting the ball over the net. The result a super spinny ball that lands in the net or short.

‘I knew that nothing could provide a golden bullet so to speak for topspin but found the repetition of the action, again and again really helped me train my shot and the racket path to develop topspin. The Topspin Pro is great as I can fit it around my lifestyle. I know I need to keep practicing for as long as it takes to finally get this as my normal groundstroke’


‘ I was never sure that I was doing topspin correctly. Sure during lessons the coach would be able to give me feedback and improve my shot but when I went back to club tennis with my playing buddies I felt I slipped back into my old habits. ( a flat slap of a shot) Topspin Pro has helped me enhance what I had already. I now know to make the ball really spin and can do it more consistently than ever before. This device has helped with my piece of mind and my confidence.

Not Just Topspin, Slice too

This device will help with the action of topspin on ground strokes but it can also be used to work on the action of slice. I got a huge amount of benefit from practicing the slice serve with my Topspin Pro. To do so requires a little bit of dismantling of the device which you can see in the video below. But it really helps work on the sideways motion and pronation required to hit those invaluable slice serves. You can play around with the unit to basically work on many tennis shots in which you are imparting a spin on the ball. Backhand and forehand slice, serves and volleys.


We all know in life nothing comes without a little practice and the same must be said for topspin. Whilst you can work hard on the action every day and begin to feel comfortable with the racket face angle, developing topspin takes time. Dedication to practice is needed. With Topspin Pro the key for players is that they can practice whenever they want, several times a day if they have time. You can develop topspin with dedication to the Topspin Pro. Being able to continually hit topspin when you want is key to progress. A home tool building muscle memory.

Can Topspin Pro really help with topspin?

The Topspin Pro is a teaching device and designed to help players develop proficiency in the stroke. If we think of a child learning how to ride a bike with stabilisers. The Topspin Pro are your stabilisers to raise your confidence and improve your technique. This device is used by players and coaches pros throughout the world and for good reason. This device will help you achieve the topspin you always wanted. Topspin is like a muscle and the more you practice the more natural it becomes. Exercising with the Topspin Pro must become part of your daily routine if you want to develop the topspin you are capable of.

You can check out the Topspin Pro on their website here. Please feel free to reach out if you have any queries about the product. I am happy to provide impartial advice.