Top 4 tennis digital content providers to survive Covid 19. 

The advice is quite clear STAY AT HOME. There is no tennis going on anywhere at the moment which is a huge shame but we must do this together. The situation is tough on all of us and we all miss the game of tennis hugely. Needs must. There is a massive question mark over professional sport for the foreseeable future. Word is that professional tennis may not return to 2021. As BBC commented, if there is no vaccine no tennis. Hopefully if the predictions are not as severe as expected recreational tennis can return before the end if the year.

For those of you out of there that cant go that long then you are in luck. There are a huge number of talented tennis players and coaches providing great digital content to ensure that us tennis fans can get our tennis fix. We have a made a list of a few of our tennis favourites which you can check out during Quarantine.

Rob Cherry Be Great at Tennis

Rob is a top tennis ITF Level 3 Performance coach based in Ireland and every day of quarantine has produced a little tennis coaching video to work on different skills. Rob is the curator of tennis site Be Great at Tennis which features thousands of free tennis videos to improve your game. Check out his Corona virus daily series. Simple instruction, very achievable and fun.

Jamie Murray

Grand slam doubles champion, Wimbledon Champion and a top guy. The Scot was one of the first to predict that Corona Virus could have lasting effects on the tennis tours. Professional Tennis has been suspended until the 13th July meaning, the European Clay Court Swing, the Grass Court season have been cancelled. As a top pro Jamie clearly knows he has to maintain his level of fitness as best he can for the resumption of the tour. Jamie does daily no equipment fitness videos to work your cardio whilst staying in. He posts almost every day so even if you miss a session you can catch up later on.

The Scot keeps it simple. Below is an example of one of his daily workouts.

Bodyweight Only. No Equipment Required.

Bodyweight Circuit:

10 x Knee Up Downs
30 secs High Knees or Fast Feet
10 x Side Lunge
30 secs High Knees or Fast Feet
10 x Rainbows
30 secs High Knees or Fast Feet
90 Secs Rest

Jake Southwick Tennis

British Tennis coach based out of Wigmore Tennis Club in London has been creating Corona videos for the past few weeks. Jake and his sister Jemma guest star in some video. Anything from self rallying to coordination drill and skills. You can even reach out to Jake and tell him what you would like to see in his videos.

The Service Box

If you havent heard of the Service Box then where have you been? The Service Box is designed for players, pros, parents and clubs around the world. Kris Soutar is the founder and tennis coach and has been on court 27 years and with the Judy Murray Foundation to develop tennis and and coaches throughout the world. I had the pleasure of meeting Kris at the Campus in Quinta do Lago in Portugal and have been a fan ever since. Kris has made his catalogue of tennis exercises available on his Youtube channel.

There are loads of quality content providers out there on Instagram, Youtube and ofcourse Tiktok.

Keeping working on the skills.

Although most of us even Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic have no access to tennis courts we can still be working on the skills in the meantime. We can  work on footwork, volleys, touch, mobility strength and flexibility. Why not work on your sport psychology too? This often forgotten about area can be improved and who knows when we return to court might help you win some games. Wherever you are, stay safe and hopefully we will all be back on court soon.