The truth about Wilson Triniti Tennis balls

The truth about Wilson Triniti

Apologies for the click bait headline. Before I begin I am at pains to point point that Wilson nor any Wilson affiliated PR companies asked me to write this article. I haven’t received a free batch of Wilson Triniti balls or been recompensed in any way. I know many tennis players will have read about these tennis balls and seen the marketing in magazines or online. Can you believe what you read?

A new tennis balls arrives.

Wilson announced a new tennis ball last summer (August 2019) amidst much fanfare. Why so special? Well this new ball is green in more ways that one. It is environmentally friendly coming in a cardboard package and it is claimed that the Wilson Triniti lasts 4 times as long as regular tennis balls. It is a world first, innovative and at the time I was really impressed at their performance out of the box so to speak.

Wilson charge a premium price for these balls claiming long lasting durability and less tennis balls going to landfill. A nobel cause  especially given the tennis ball manufacturing process and how many tennis balls going to landfill every year. When I wrote my original Wilson Triniti review I had used the balls for approx 4 weeks. I found them consistently good even in cool dampish conditions.

Covid Spring 2020.

Corona Virus put a stop to play for most of us in Spring 2020. We emerged from lockdown in a phased fashion 10 weeks later and thankfully tennis resumed. I picked out my Wilson Triniti from my racket bag and the balls played as new. Hard to believe but they really did feel great even after sitting dormant in my tennis racket bag for so long. 

Still going strong despite cosmetic wear and tear

Dont let the price tag put you off

When considering your next tennis ball purchase I would ask you to look at Wilson Triniti. They are more expensive without doubt and this in itself may put some off but the performance you get from these balls is absolutely incredible. From my experience my tennis balls are still going strong from October 2019 albeit with a small Corona virus gap until Summer 2020 and yet show no sign of slowing down. I dont see any sign of these balls becoming unusable any time soon. I would love to hear your experiences with the Wilson Triniti balls. Have you similarly good things to say?