The dark love story of Eternal Hope coming to Xbox and PC

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The dark love story of Eternal Hope coming to Xbox and PC

Inspired by the art of Studio Ghibli, Eternal Hope will not only weave players in and out of dark, dead worlds but rip at their heartstrings as they progress through a game that deals with death, life, love, and the pain of all three.

Eternal Hope monster

Players will follow Ti’bi on a quest to rescue his soulmate from purgatory, also known as the Shadow World. No easy task to be sure, but Ti’bi is granted the ability to move between dimensions, a nifty thing to have when trying to save someone from death. This also makes things interesting for the player who will have to think fast when faced with obstacles and enemies.

Along the way, Ti’bi will meet allies, run into no small amount of monsters, face his own daemons in the Shadow World (a little reminiscent of Carl Jung there), and attempt to bring his beloved back from the dead.

Eternal Hope Spirit

Eternal Hope is a puzzle platform hailing from Doublehit Games, a Brazilian indie development studio. It was voted “Best Brazilian Game” by the infamous IGN last year at the Brazil Game Show (BGS). If that’s the word, then it’s definitely a game to check out. The screenshots alone look amazing and the art is enthralling. If you’re a gamer who can’t get enough of those shadow, side-scrolling horror games, this looks like one to tuck into the videogame library.

Eternal Hope Turtle

Gabriel Oliveira, the director and sound designer of the studio, told Uberstrategist, “Eternal Hope asks that players deeply consider what they would do with everything on the line.”

He went on to say, “This is not only a video game but rather, an emotional and thought-provoking story…”

It seems the story of Ti’bi will reach for those dark places and force players to experience more than just a mindless distraction as they progress the game. The art and even the music will further the emotional experience as the player traverses between worlds alongside Ti’bi and help him accomplish his quest to save the person he loves.

There’s a lot to be excited about in this game and luckily we won’t have to wait too long. The game releases on Steam this August and later on the Xbox. Click here to see more.

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