Size Up Gear perfect for your quarantine return

Most of the world seems to have been on lockdown for months. Tennis courts throughout the world have lay empty, gyms fallen silent and sport as we know it has stopped. We have all tried our best to maintain some level of fitness with our indoor workout routines and enjoying our one hour of exercise a day. Luckily some of us are slowly emerging from lockdown and the courts and life is slowly opening up again.

I have trying to build up gently from my three month sporting hiatus by sticking to a schedule. I work on my base fitness with 2 track sessions a week in which I incorporate some short sprints into a session with longer efforts. Gyms arent open yet so I like many have had to do some body weight exercises to keep strong. I also have 3 tennis playing sessions a week. I thought that 5 sessions a week is enough starting off. I know the risks of doing too much too soon and then paying for it later on.

My Size Up Haul.

I love my training gear and always believe in buying quality garments. Firstly they perform well but they also last longer too. I have been wearing some training gear from Size Up Apparel. They are based in the USA and ship worldwide and do a huge range of clothing from gym wear to lifestyle clothing. As an athlete I have now learned to love the gym but I would be the first to admit I am not one of the stereotypical people you see there.

size Up haul

The Size Up gear is certainly like the quality gear that I am used too. The first item I tried is the Size Up Long Sleeve Tee. The long sleeve top is spacious and comfortable to wear.  Im sure if I had the muscles I would be able to fill it too. It is as I said quite spacious, so if you like close fitting clothing this is probably not the one for you. This tee also has quite a long length for a tall guy it is great. This garment is made from 95% Cotton so it will do the job in the gym or on court. If you are looking for special wick fabric or some modern fabric then look elsewhere. Having said that I love the colour and the garment has become as much a lounge tee as a training it. It is very me. It is perfect for those chilly mornings before you get warmed up.  

The Size Up Shorts also proved to be a welcome addition to my workout wardrobe. Firstly these shorts are strong and robust. They are heavier than typical tennis shorts but you can feel the quality of the material and the stitching. For me the best quality of these shorts is that even during my workout they are not see through. Perfect for the gym or doing a workout at home. They probably would not be best suited for the tennis courts. They are too tight and  not practical to hold a tennis ball in the pockets for serving.

Size Up Hoody

It always nice to be surprised with something and this Size Up Hoody really did that for me. It would never be something I would pick off the shelf but I just loved this garment. Made from a polyester/ spandex mix it is a relaxed fit. It is full zip with deep zipped pockets with draw string closure of the hood. The hood itself is lined too which is useful living in a damp climate like I do. This hoody has become my comfort clothing of Lockdown 2020. Its cozy, versatile and unique. It fitted me perfectly!