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In the round-up: McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl says teams’ staff will be under significant pressure as the sport begins its second of three consecutive triple-header race weekends.

What they say

Seidl said the second triple-header is likely to prove more of a challenge than the first:

I think to be honest, for me, the biggest challenge for all of us, including myself, is simply the time we are all away from home. I don’t think that the biggest challenge is actually the work we have to do out here at the track. Which is also tough work, but again, I think the biggest issue is simply being away from the families, from the kids and so on for each team member.

At the moment, going into the first triple-header after this long break we had, I think is also not the biggest challenge yet. I think we just need to be aware that the longer we go in the season, especially the triple-headers that are coming later on, that will be a big challenge for the team.

What we do from the team’s side is obviously trying to make travelling, accommodation, everything we can provide to the team here at the track and back at the hotels as comfortable as possible and as good as possible, simply to get through as a team in the best possible shape.

At the same time, I think everyone inside the team understands that this is a special season and the special circumstances of this virus broke out. We all understand also that it is absolutely necessary also for the existence of the teams that we do all these races this year and I simply hope that with all everything we do together with the team having an open year, listening to where the problems are within the team or with each team member we hopefully manage to get through in a in a sustainable way also.

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