Rafa, Roger and Andy do Instagram Live

Tennis fans were in for a treat this afternoon as Rafael Nadal did an Instagram live session. It was the Spaniard’s first time going live on Instagram and he answered questions from lucky fans.

As the session progressed some well known tennis players began to comment on Rafas thread. Juan pico Monaco, Stan Wawrinka and Marc Lopez even joined in. Mid way through the session Rafa paused his session to speak to someone behind the camera. Apparently a certain 20 time Grand Slam champion wanted to speak to Rafa. After a dramatic pause due to some technical difficulties Roger Federer finally appeared on screen. Rafa was heard say ‘I am a disaster‘ much to everyone’s amusement.

The pair chatted online for 15 minutes and Roger asked Rafa just why did he change from being a righty to being a leftie. Both Rafa and Roger expressed their desire to get back on court asap this year if possible.

A fantastic opportunity to see Roger and Rafa at home, unscripted and just chatting. Rafa went back to the questions once again and another big star wanted to get in on the action. This time it was Andy Murray. The pair talked and chuckled much to the delight of the tennis world watching. It was a great treat to hear and see Rafa, Andy and Roger talk online to each other. Heres hoping for many more.