Progress released new troubleshooting solution, Fiddler Jam

Progress today announced the general availability of Progress Telerik Fiddler Jam, designed to provide users with a troubleshooting solution for support and development teams to address customer issues remotely. 

With this release, new features have become available, such as the option for video recording, capturing events during a session recording, and masking sensitive data.

Progress Telerik Fiddler Jam works to provide support teams with a secure and streamlined process to resolve issues remotely without requesting extra information or a reliance on additional tooling. The product allows non-technical end users to isolate issues by capturing HTTP(S) network logs, network activity, console logs, and screenshots within the customer’s own environment and then sharing them with support and development teams.

The highlights of this release include

  • The ability to record video of the end user’s browser tab while capturing a session which will be stored securely and easily accessible through the Fiddler Jam portals.
  • Capture several types of events performed by the end user during a session recording, including click, double click, navigated to, and more. In addition, Fiddler Jam can capture local and session storage details to provide support engineers with relevant insights.
  • Lastly, Fiddler Jam allows users to mask sensitive data with its recognition capabilities, differentiating between sensitive and non-sensitive data that is pertinent to the reported bug. 

Fiddler Jam also compliments Fiddler Everywhere, the web debugging proxy that assists organizations in capturing all HTTP(S) between a computer and the internet from any browser on any device. 

“One of the real value propositions of the product is reducing friction and providing context with regard to any kind of problem,” said Stephen Applebaum, Director of Technology Operations, Center for the Collaborative Classroom. “Fiddler Jam’s ability to report on the network, the local instance and the end-user OS is instrumental to triage whether an issue is server side or client side.”

Source SD Times