Honda surprised by Mercedes’ progress since last year | 2020 British Grand Prix

The gains Mercedes has made with its power unit since last year caught Honda by surprise, the Japanese engine manufacturer admitted.

Speaking in yesterday’s press conference, Honda’s F1 technical director Toyoharu Tanabe he was “surprised by their progress between last year to this year.

“We have been learning what areas we are behind [in] and what areas they are ahead of us. And then, it’s not easy, but we are trying to catch them up accordingly, in terms of qualifying and also race distance. So we are working very hard with our engineers in Japan and Milton Keynes to catch them up.”

Red Bull and AlphaTauri discussed their strategy for the rest of the season with Honda at a meeting after the previous race in Hungary.

“It was good timing to review the past three races so we had time to meet with our team members,” said Tanabe in response to a question from RaceFans.

“We discussed about performance, what we learned from the three races and then we shared the information, what we learned. And then what the plan for the future, not only for Silverstone but also for the entire season.”

Teams face the added complication this year of not knowing how many races will take place and what circuits they will visit. Honda and its teams therefore discussed “how to use the PU for this season or how to manage the performance during these races and then later,” said Tanabe.

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