Google’s Pixel 6 doesn’t come with five years of Android updates — only three

<a href="">Source The Verge</a>

For the first time ever, Google’s new phones are powered by a Google-designed chip, giving the company an Apple-like level of control over the inner workings of the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. But if you were hoping that meant they’d also get an Apple-like level of new OS updates, the company is throwing a bit of cold water on that. Google’s support page shows it’s only promising to offer Android updates through October 2024 (via Android Police), a total of three years after release.

“Users will still get at least 3 years of OS updates, after which we’re committing to ensure that Pixels will stay up-to-date and secure,” Google tells The Verge. “The frequency and categories of updates will depend on the capabilities and needs of the hardware.”

While Google prominently announced during its Tuesday keynote that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro would get five years of security updates — two years more! — it seems that Android version updates (like Android 11, Android 12, etc) are another story. And though Google is technically saying it will offer new versions of Android until “at least” October 2024, the company hasn’t historically gone above and beyond those sorts of promises.

Meanwhile, the six-year-old iPhone 6S recently got an update to iOS 15.

Source The Verge