Enhance bug reports with debug profiles and logging

When you file bug reports through Apple’s Feedback Assistant, you’re helping flag issues, improve our platforms, and make the experience better for developers and customers alike.

You can supply more information about bugs you come across when you provide a sysdiagnose from your device. Sysdiagnoses contain logs that include additional information gathered from apps and frameworks that you can submit as part of your bug report. They can be a crucial part of the bug-solving process, especially for troubleshooting certain problems.

That said, a sysdiagnose can contain a lot of information, and you can help the engineers triaging your issue by providing some additional context. That’s where Apple’s Profiles and Logs page comes in: It provides supplemental instructions when reporting an issue with specific frameworks. If you think you know which framework is causing the problem, read its bug reporting and logging instructions: You may be able to provide additional information that can help make your report more actionable — like detailing the song that was playing and the date and time you saw the bug.

Visit the Profiles and Logs section of the Apple Developer website to find out more about filing supplemental information for a bug.

Sometimes, a sysdiagnose is not enough, even with supplemental instruction. For those issues, debug profiles help capture specific details within a technology or framework that can aid engineers in diagnosing the problem. To install a debug profile, download it to your device and follow the instructions to capture the requested information.

So, the next time you go to file a new piece of feedback, please add a sysdiagnose or logging generated from a debug profile to your report. It can help engineers begin tracking down even the trickiest of bugs, and it increases the likelihood of your issue being fixed. As always, the sooner you submit a new problem — and the more information you provide — the higher likelihood you have of getting it resolved in a future software version.

This is especially crucial when filing bugs against beta software, as prioritizations around fixes have to be made in early seeds. If you file a detailed bug with logs and a clear reproduction path, you have a much better chance of it being prioritized than a bug with no additional information.


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