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London, United Kingdom

We deliver highly tailored boxing and functional fitness training from our semi-private personal training studio in Fulham, London. Our founder and head coach is fully qualified and experienced, motivated by delivering life-changing results for many people across London.

Whatever your level – there is no challenge too big and we are with you every step of the way to drive maximum results. Our coaches also hold an ABA, professional boxing and personal training license.

83 Maritsa Blvd., 4003 Karshiyaka, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Opened on May 4, 1994 in the city of Plovdiv. It is the second in Bulgaria specially designed and completely built private gallery after “Trapkova” (1910) in Sofia. Its exhibition area is 190 square meters, the highest height – 4 meters.

In “Romfeya – Gallery of Fine Arts” we work with prominent Bulgarian artists of different generations, with original creative style. We pay special attention to a number of young authors, in our opinion, with a great future.

We also strive to present old masters of national stature, some of whom have been unfairly forgotten.

Upper Whittimere Farm, Tom Ln, Halfpenny Green DY7 5EP

WILD Zoological Park was born out of a dream to educate the public about different animals, poke holes in common misconceptions and to remove stigmas commonly associated with animals that aren’t so cute and fluffy.

The animals and staff at WILD Zoological Park are here to conserve wildlife and teach the general public about all forms of wildlife, with the hope that through teaching and deeper understanding, there will be a stronger drive to help us conserve the World’s wildlife.

10a Ruse Blvd. 5803 Pleven Center, Pleven Bulgaria

Since our founding in 1992, our company has become a leading market leader in Northern Bulgaria. We have gained valuable experience and thousands of satisfied customers over the years, but we did not stop there. We have the highest license from the State Agency for Metrology and Technical Supervision.

Our team consists of 17 qualified elevator installers and technicians with acquired degrees. All of them have the necessary technological equipment, including universal and specialized instruments, measuring instruments and control devices.

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