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Pet portraits from photos of your dog, cat, horse or animal. Highly detailed animal art in pastel.



London based interior and architectural photographer Graham D Holland is available for United Kingdom. I work on hotels, offices, commercial locations, kitchen, bathroom, residential properties and retail environments.


83 Maritsa Blvd., 4003 Karshiyaka, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Opened on May 4, 1994 in the city of Plovdiv. It is the second in Bulgaria specially designed and completely built private gallery after “Trapkova” (1910) in Sofia. Its exhibition area is 190 square meters, the highest height – 4 meters.

In “Romfeya – Gallery of Fine Arts” we work with prominent Bulgarian artists of different generations, with original creative style. We pay special attention to a number of young authors, in our opinion, with a great future.

We also strive to present old masters of national stature, some of whom have been unfairly forgotten.

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