Ace Yeah – Needs your help

I received a lovely email telling me about a cool little tennis card game and the Kickstarter project to get the project moving. Take a little read below and see what all the fuss is about. It looks pretty good doesnt it? Let’s take a look at their press release.

When the courts are rained off or closed due to a PANDEMIC, ACE Yeah! comes to the rescue! 

ACE Yeah! provides 24 hours access to a tennis court, just on a different surface to what you are used to! CALLING ALL TENNIS LOVERS, the amateurs, the pros, the social sunday’ers, the uncoordinated and even the NON TENNIS LOVERS that get a kick out of any competitive game! Finally your moment has arrived on court to beat the top seed friend or family member at tennis without having to perform any fancy footwork, except for the victory dance of course!

ACE Yeah! holds three options of card games to play – Singles or Doubles – A game just like real tennis, serve, play attacking and defensive shots and challenge the call! Scored just like a tennis game, it’s perfect for beginners learning tennis rules. ‘Around the World’ is a super fast paced game for all ages, and also highly recommended for Friday nights entertainment with a glass or two! 

This game was created by Anneka Lange whilst she was living in disbelief that all tennis courts were “SHUT until further notice” due to Covid19. Annie wanted to put this project on Kickstarter because it’s the fastest way to get the game into your hands.

We are SUPER LUCKY to have the BEST tennis magazine IN THE WORLDDDD  R A C Q U E T  supporting us on this project and supplying amazing rewards! R A C Q U E T (also funded by Kickstarter) is a quarterly magazine that celebrates the art, style and culture that surround tennis. With the top writers, photographers, and celebrated artists, you can imagine they do it incredibly well! 

We think this game is GREAT, but we need your help making it even BETTER! So if you love tennis as much as we do, please back this project and help us build this game!


Annie, and her superhuman friends.

Saint Maurice.