Zanardi’s condition remains stable after second night in hospital | 2020 F1 season

Alex Zanardi remains in a stable condition after undergoing surgery for head and facial injuries on Friday, the hospital treating him has reported.

“The patient spent the night in conditions of cardio-respiratory and metabolic stability,” the Santa Maria alle Scotte hospital in Siena confirmed in a press statement on Sunday morning.

“The organ functions are adequate. [He] is always sedated, intubated and mechanically ventilated.”

Zanardi’s neurological condition remains a major area of concern due to the nature of his injuries.

“The ongoing neuromonitoring has shown some stability but this figure must be taken with caution because the neurological picture remains serious,” said the hospital.

“The current conditions of general stability still do not allow to exclude the possibility of adverse events and, therefore, the patient always remains in a reserved prognosis.”

The hospital intends to issue a further update at midday tomorrow.

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