Wimbledon 2020 goes digital

Wimbledon 2020 was due to start on 29th June 2020. Whether you are lucky enough to get a tennis ticket for SW19 or like most of us just watch it at home, Wimbledon is a brilliant occasion. I am sad that the grounds of the All England Club are going to be quiet this year. The courts will sit empty, the grass growing as it always does but the tennis world will not descend on Wimbledon this summer. It is sad like so many other events in 2020 Wimbledon has been cancelled.

Wimbledon 2020 will be virtual. The All England Club with the help of the BBC will be broadcasting some iconic matches over the years from Wimbledon. They have a packed schedule of tennis for the whole fortnight. Wimbledon call these the greatest Championship matches.You can check them out on the Wimbledon website. The BBC are also taking us back in time with daily matches from the grounds. Borg McEnroe, Serena Venus, Federer Sampras… yes please.

LTA still in the black despite Wimbledon cancellation

According to the Chief Executive of the LTA despite Wimbledon being cancelled in 2020 the organisation is still in good financial health. Richard Lewis said the finances of British Tennis wont be severely impacted by Corona Virus this year. The Club took out special insurance to cover itself for such eventuality. The surplus made by WImbledon is used to fund British Tennis and as such up and coming juniors and tour players. The positive news is this money is safe.

The Queue

I have enjoyed the queue at Wimbledon and stayed in a tent to guarantee me Centre Court tickets. The queue is part and parcel of Wimbledon. It seems to stretch for miles and miles down the road and into the Golf Course. I have always enjoyed the queue, regardless of how long I had to stay there. Never a dull moment. The stewards, the sellers, the tournament traffic, it is always buzzing.  

Tennis Podcast

Our friends Catherine, David and Matt are back doing daily podcasts of iconic Wimbledon matches. They go back in time to rewatch some Wimbledon classics and then talk about them in their podcasts. Check out their website for the full running order. There is loads of Wimbledon related stuff on this fortnight  site so tennis fans will certainly get their fix.

Tennis Return

Following the disastrous Adria Tour and the farcical scenes which followed the Battle of Britain showed the world how tennis could work in a Covid world. It wasnt what we are used to but it was entertaining. The dark curtains doing a good job of hiding the cavernous National Tennis Centre. The tours are scheduled to return in Mid August and the US Open will follow. It remains to be seen if things will actually work out as planned.