Degens – Blockchain Betting Exchange is a P2P sports betting exchange using DAI and operating on the ethereum blockchain. As a proud MakerDAO Community grants program grantee, Degens has been on the mainnet since 2017 with over $18,000,000 DAI exchanged.

We believe Degens offers numerous benefits over legacy sports betting solutions such as:

  • Lowest fees: Degens charges an industry low 0.5% fee on all winning bets.
  • Anonymous: No personal information is ever requested and all bets are made 100% anonymously. No KYC and no geographical restrictions.
  • Non custodial: Degens is non custodial.
  • Instant deposits/withdrawals: Since players communicate directly with the smart contract, deposits and withdrawals are immediate. No longer must you wait 24-48 hours while your ‘withdrawal is being processed.’
  • Turnkey market making solution: Degens provides an open source, free to use market making bot so that you can be your own bookie and it requires no programming experience.

We’ve also just launched betting markets on the US Presidential election with Joe Biden a slight favorite to win. If there are any specific betting markets you’d like added, reach out to us today!